Shelter Standards Consulting Services

The Federation’s Education Fund is partnering with Barbara Carr, the former executive director of the SPCA Serving Erie County, to provide shelter management consulting services to Federation members. Barbara has 35 years of experience in shelter operations and management. She has the skills and know how to put your shelter on the path to success.

If you’d like to schedule a call about these services, please contact the Education Fund’s executive director, Libby Post, at

One-day Consult

Barbara would come to your shelter to discuss your shelter’s overall needs and determine what type and direction of consulting services would best meet your organization’s needs.

Text Box: After a year of work with one New York Shelter, their numbers improved considerably.
•	Intake: Up 22%
•	Outcomes: Up 26%
•	Total Animals Cared For: Up 21%
•	Adoptions: Up 23%
•	Transfers In: Up 85%
•	Seized Animals: Up Almost 100%
•	December Adoptions: Up 61%
•	Animals Carried Over as of January 1: Reduced 15%
•	Average Length of Stay: Reduced 14%
•	Maximum Length of Stay: Reduced 24%

On-site shelter assessment with written report

Before coming to your shelter, Barbara will do a thorough review of your shelter’s existing policies and procedures, media relationships and exposure, development activities, board effectiveness, and community networks. Basically, she’ll look at your day-to-day operation and be prepared to hit the ground running when she’s on site.

Barbara will come to your shelter for two to three days to observe your shelter’s activities. This work would include

  • Working with shelter leadership and staff to do an in-depth review of day-to-day operations.
  • Observe intake and adoption procedures, cleaning protocols, medical processes including spay/neuter logistics, etc.
  • Interviews with staff on communications and management issues.
  • Meeting with Board of Directors on initial observations.

Within a month, shelter leadership and the board will receive a comprehensive written report with detailed recommendations on shelter improvements including physical plant, policies and procedures, staffing, board activity, and overall management.

Fees: $1,500 per day for on-site visit plus out-of-pocket expenses (mileage at 50 cents a mile, food and accommodations)

Post Report Consulting

Based on need and desire of executive leadership and board, the Education Fund can provide continuing on-site consulting to implement report recommendations. Generally, Barbara or the Education Fund’s executive director, Libby Post, will be on-site to present workshops or training based on need and subject matter for two to three days per month.

This type of consulting will be charged as a monthly retainer of $2,200 per month plus out-of-pocket expenses (mileage at 50 cents a mile, food and accommodations). This fee also includes telephone and email consultation. If your shelter enters into a 12-month contract for Post Report Consulting, these fees would include the Facilities Consulting as detailed below.

Facilities Consulting

The New York State Animal Protection Federation proposed the Companion Animal Capital Fund—a $5 Million fund to help shelters with capital projects. The New York State Legislature and the Governor have embraced the fund. It has been fully funded for the past three fiscal years, include FY19-20.

With this new-found grant opportunity, many shelters are taking a hard look at their facilities and making plans to improve, upgrade or build new. This can be an overwhelming task.

Barbara will help to guide your shelter, using Association of Shelter Veterinarians guidelines, to make the best decisions possible for your shelter’s capital improvements through

  • Discussions of your needs
  • Reviews of floor plans
  • Recommendation of building materials
  • Effective HVAC and drainage systems
  • Kennels and cat housing
  • Medical facilities
  • Appropriate storage
  • Workflow and
  • Physical location.

This type of consulting will be charged as a flat fee of $5,000 per year plus out-of-pocket expenses (mileage at 50 cents a mile, food and accommodations). This fee includes two one-day visits. If more visits are needed, a per diem will be negotiated with the shelter.