The Education Fund

The New York State Animal Protection Federation Education Fund is the sister organization of the NYS Animal Protection Federation.

The Federation is the advocacy voice of New York’s humane societies, SPCAs, animal shelters and animal protective organizations. The Federation is responsible for the establishment of the Companion Animal Capital Fund which has, to date, made a $25 million investment in shelter capital projects. The Fed also works on legislative initiatives that benefit shelters and animal welfare in general. Governor Hochul recently signed two of the Fed’s bills into law–banning discrimination in homeowners insurance based on the breed of dog one owns and mandating veterinary reporting of animal abuse.

The Education Fund was established to continue the fight against animal abuse by providing needed support to New York’s network of animal shelters.

Shelter Standards Consulting Services: For the past four years, the Education Fund has teamed with former SPCA Serving Erie County Executive Director Barbara Carr to provide shelter consulting for those organizations that want to improve their operations. This consulting has been particularly important in helping shelters be prepared for the changes in operations they will experience after capital projects are completed. The state’s $25 million capital investment through the Companion Animal Capital Fund has improved the physical standards at shelters across NY.

We are now offering enhanced shelter consulting services to help shelters and rescues across the state comply with the Companion Animal Care Standards Act for Shelters and Rescues which has passed both houses and is expected to be signed by Governor Hochul. The Education Fund is at the ready to help Federation members as well as non-members navigate those changes through generous grants provided by the Weiderhold Foundation and the NY Community Trust. The bill will take effect three years after it is signed in order to give all organizations the time they need to make the necessary changes.

Low-Cost grant writers for the Companion Animal Capital Fund: The Education Fund has contracted with a number of seasoned, animal-loving and shelter-understanding grant writers to help Federation members navigate the CACF process. Providing this service has made all the difference for the shelters who participated. Our track record is pretty good–12 out of the 13 proposals our grant writers prepared were accepted for a grand total of $4,169,686 in funding.

Board Training: The Education Fund’s Executive Director, Libby Post, provides direct board training to shelter boards which focuses on governance, policies and procedures and development.

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